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Upcoming Programs You May Be Interested In:

09/02/2017Pre-School Ballet & Tap
09/02/2017Ballet & Tap for Beginners
09/05/2017Creative Arts for Kids!
09/07/2017PiYo Strength®
09/07/2017Deep Water Exercise (Section 1)
09/11/2017Bears Learn-to-Swim: Private Lessons (Section 1)
09/12/2017Bears Learn-to-Swim: Group Lessons (Section 2)
09/12/2017Tae Kwon Do (Youth: Beginner Juniors)
09/12/2017Tae Kwon Do (Youth: Intermediate/Advanced Juniors - yellow belt and above)
09/12/2017Tae Kwon Do (Adult)
09/12/2017Parent-Tot Swim: Infants - Tuesdays Only (Section 1)
09/12/2017Parent-Tot Swim: Infants - Tuesdays & Thursdays Combined (Section 3)
09/12/2017Parent-Tot Swim: Toddlers - Tuesdays Only (Section 4)
09/12/2017Parent-Tot Swim: Toddlers - Tuesdays & Thursdays Combined (Section 6)
09/13/2017TABATA (Section 1)
09/13/2017TABATA Extended (Section 1)
09/13/2017Qigong Sampler
09/13/2017Evening Yoga for Every Body
09/14/2017Parent-Tot Swim: Infants - Thursdays Only (Section 2)
09/14/2017Parent-Tot Swim: Toddlers - Thursdays Only (Section 5)
09/15/2017Family Music
09/16/2017NCCM (Section 1): Science Workshop - Recycling With Biology! (Grades K-5)
09/18/2017Adult Piano
09/18/2017Noontime Yoga
09/18/2017Aquatic Fitness (Section 1 - Mornings)
09/18/2017Aquatic Fitness (Section 3 - Afternoons)
09/18/2017Aquatic Fitness (Section 4 - Afternoons)
09/19/2017GRE Prep Course
09/21/2017Yoga & Pilates
09/22/2017Educational Gymnastics (Section 1)
09/22/2017Educational Gymnastics (Section 2)
09/23/2017Beginning/Intermediate Gymnastics
09/23/2017Tiny Tumblers Gymnastics (Section 1)
09/23/2017Tiny Tumblers Gymnastics (Section 2)
09/23/2017Together with Tots Gymnastics (Section 1)
09/23/2017Together with Tots Gymnastics (Section 2)
09/23/2017NCCM (Section 2): Construction Zone (Grades K-5)
09/30/2017NCCM (Section 3): Archaeology Part 1 - Mini Dig (Grades K-5)
10/10/2017Local Government Conference 2017
10/14/2017NCCM (Section 4): Archaeology Part 2 - Sticks, Stones, & Bones (Grades K-5)
10/16/2017Bears Learn-to-Swim: Private Lessons (Section 3)
10/16/2017Aquatic Fitness (Section 2 - Mornings)
10/16/2017Aquatic Fitness (Section 5 - Afternoons)
10/16/2017Aquatic Fitness (Section 6 - Afternoons)
10/17/2017Bears Learn-to-Swim: Group Lessons (Section 4)
10/17/2017Deep Water Exercise (Section 1)
10/21/2017NCCM (Section 5): Indian Dance and Music (Grades K-5)
10/24/2017Parent-Tot Swim: Toddlers - Tuesdays & Thursdays Combined (Section 12)
10/24/2017Parent-Tot Swim: Toddlers - Tuesdays Only (Section 10)
10/24/2017Parent-Tot Swim: Infants - Tuesdays Only (Section 7)
10/24/2017Parent-Tot Swim: Infants - Tuesdays & Thursdays Combined (Section 9)
10/25/2017Notary Public Seminar
10/26/2017Parent-Tot Swim: Toddlers - Thursdays Only (Section 11)
10/26/2017Parent-Tot Swim: Infants - Thursdays Only (Section 8)
10/28/2017NCCM (Section 6): Adirondack Science (Grades K-5)
10/30/2017TABATA (Section 2)
10/30/2017TABATA Extended (Section 2)
11/04/2017NCCM (Section 7): PlaySpace (Ages 1-4)
11/11/2017NCCM (Section 8): The Science of the Senses! with Neuroscientist Ana Estevez (Grades K-5)
11/18/2017NCCM (Section 9): Poetry Workshop with local poet Jake LaPierre (recommended for Grades 2-6)