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If you've taken one of our programs before, you already have an account. Need help? The answers to your most common questions are below!

Which e-mail address should I use?

We only keep one email address linked to your account; if you have (or have had) multiple email addresses, you can test them with the forgotten password link - the system will let you know when you've picked the correct one. Don't have time for this? Contact us instead at 315.267.2167 or via email at - we're waiting to help!

What's my password?

You don't have to know your default password to log in; just click the "Don't Know/Forgot Password" link to set a new one!

What about my children?

Children are generally grouped with their parents. You can log in as yourself and register your child from your own account by selecting the "Enroll Someone Else" option and following the on-screen instructions.

However, if your children have taken our programs before, they already have their own accounts. If you prefer, they can be logged in using their own account details and registered by choosing the "Enroll Yourself" option.

Seriously? I still can't find my kids!

If you can't ?nd your children via your own account, you can try logging in under theirs. If this doesn't work, please contact CLEAR for assistance.

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