Login Information

Existing CLEAR customers, including prior participants of Crane Youth Music and the International Summer Basketball Camp, already have online user accounts. In an effort to avoid duplication of records, we ask that prior participants log into their existing accounts rather than create new ones.

To access your existing account, enter the following Login Information:

1) Your email address on file with CLEAR

2) Your password: by default this is set to your first initial, last initial, and the first five characters of your zip or postal code, including spaces. Passwords are not case-sensitive.
     (For example, John Doe-Smith living in zip code 13676 would have a password of jd13676.
      John Doe living in postal code K6V 5T1 would have a password of jdk6v 5, which includes a space.)

Don't know your email address?

If you receive email communications from CLEAR, identifying your email address on file is easy: it's the address you receive those messages at. If you aren't sure which email address we have on file, you can contact CLEAR at 315.267.2167 or clear@potsdam.edu - staff will be happy to provide this information.

I tried to log in, but received an error message. What next?

Multiple records found with this Email address - but no valid records match the password provided - You are using the correct email address, but the wrong password. Make certain that you are using the participant's password, not your own.

No Matching Email Address - The email address you entered is not on file with CLEAR. If you have multiple email addresses, try an alternate. Otherwise, you may have an account with no email address on file. (If this is the case, you will need to contact CLEAR for assistance.)

Can't figure out your password?

Not a problem! Simply visit the "Don't Know/Forgot Password" page.

Still having issues?

Email CLEAR or call us at (315) 267-2167. Our staff can verify your email address and/or reset your password. We can also walk you through the online login and registration process if you need further assistance.