CYM Forms

CYM 2015 Forms

The following forms are mailed with CYM Welcome Packets:

Welcome Letter

Camp Forms
Combined Form Includes:
Parental Check-Out Authorization
Camper Self Check-Out Authorization (ages 14+ only!)
Meningitis Information Response
Health Service Information
Conduct Code/Talent Release
Private Lesson Authorization

Health Information Flier

3-Page Health Form

Meningitis Information Flier

Camp Checklist

CLEAR Emergency Brochure

The following additional forms and information may also be helpful to CYM families:

Elective Classes

Intrument Request Form

Participant Information

Tentative Schedules

Potsdam Village Map

SUNY Potsdam Campus Map

You may also download the CYM 2015 Handbook, which contains information about classes, concerts, daily schedules, and more.